This new curtain track from Silent Gliss was the starting point of a great success story. Konrad Bratschi, son-in-law of Mr. Weber, began to license this new innovative product idea throughout the world. The Silent Gliss curtain track quickly became the standard in the window treatment market.
Techniques and technology originally developed by Mr. Alexander Weber, Silent Gliss (a name taken from the French verb glisser, meaning to glide) have spent the last 50 years revolutionising the way curtains and blinds work.
After the first 'silent' curtain track, Silent Gliss designed tracks that could be bent to accommodate bay windows and was the first to electrically operate curtains via push-button control. 
Today Silent Gliss' is offering all kinds of window treatments and Silent Gliss' permanent search for innovative ideas in the 'world of window treatments' has been confirmed with the Silent Gliss 2600, a folding panel system.