Child Safety Information

Warning tags long
The new Consumer Product Safety Standard for Corded Internal Window Coverings comes into effect 1 July 2011.
Silent Gliss will implement the new standard from February 2011.

There is a transitional period from 31 December until June 2011 where suppliers have the choice to comply with either of the two following regulations:

1: the Commonwealth Regulations 2010 or
2: continue with a State or Territory Regulation.
Due to the recent changes in the legislation, we will be updating our safety tags to reflect the latest requirements advised by the ACCC. All corded or chain products will display the swing tags as shown.
Our Cord guides also comply with the regulation as specified by the new legislation.
If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office or your Account Manager.
Important - Child Safety Information
Safety First cont
Blind cords and chains can pose a risk for babies, children and vulnerable people unless safety measures are in place.

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