Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery Conditions


1. Date for delivery: Any date specified by Silent Gliss for delivery or installation is approximate only and is estimated 

    as accurately as possible in good faith having regard to existing conditions, such as availability of fabric, parts, labour

    and favourable weather. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Silent Gliss will not be liable to the customer for any

    failure to effect delivery or (where applicable) installation by the specified date, nor its consequences.

2. Delivery: Except where Silent Gliss agrees to deliver goods to the customer´s site, delivery is deemed to take place

    when the goods are handed over at Silent Gliss` premises.

3. Suspension of deliveries: Silent Gliss may suspend delivery of goods to any customer without notice if any

    invoice remains unpaid by that customer after its due date for payment.

4. Passing of title: Title to goods supplied will not pass to the customer until payment in full of all sums due to

    Silent Gliss for the goods and (where applicable) for their installation by Silent Gliss. Until Silent Gliss has been fully

    paid, the customer shall hold the goods as bailee only of Silent Gliss.

5. Risk and insurance: All goods will be at the customer´s risk in all respects from the time of their delivery.  The

    customer is solely responsible for effecting any insurance cover it requires for the goods.



General Terms and Conditions

To view Silent Gliss full terms and conditions please click here: Terms and Conditions


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Quality Assurances

All Silent Gliss products come with a 5 year guarantee.